"creativity is intelligence having fun." -albert einstein

Hi, and welcome to Powell Digital Media! A little about myself...

My name is Jordan Powell and I've been professionally pursuing my career in digital media for about seven years now. Before this all got started, though, I spent my first years after high school pursuing a career in mechanical engineering. I know, two completely different fields, but at the same time, somewhat similar. I realized that I loved the design aspect of engineering, but I couldn't wrap my head around the laws of physics–a must for engineering.

At the time, I had developed a hobby for videography and photography, something that helped keep me sane while in school. One weekend while trying to shoot photographs of my little cousin out at a local motocross race, though, I was kicked off the track because I didn't have the proper credentials to do so. Instead of being upset about the situation, I decided I would create my own media outlet so that I could get into more of his races. And just like that, Moto Impulse was born: a website dedicated to amateur motocross.  

I realized right then and there that my passion was in storytelling, whether it's through editorial, still images, or videography. So, after wracking up a ridiculous amount of units at my junior college in a subject that made no sense to me, I switched my major to communications and never looked back. 

Seven years later, here I am, still perfecting my craft and hoping to inspire people whichever way i can. This is Powell Digital Media.